Medisoft Past Features: Version 18 and Prior Versions Feature List

Deposit List Detail Print
Small Balance Write Off by Statement Submission Count
Missed Co-Pay Remainder Statement Submission Count
Statement Manager Remainder Balance Display
Customized Aging Buckets
Withhold Code Type for Procedure Codes
Automatic Rebill for Claims
Serialized Superbills
Multi-link Treatment Plans
Deactivate Codes
Color-coding Transactions and Quick Ledger
Dunning Messages for Statements
Statement Management
Cycle Billing
Rules-based Collection Assignments
Actionable Collection Work List
Task or Date-driven Collection Workflow
On-demand Collection Letters
Insurance Groupings for Reporting and Analysis
Automatic Recalculation of Patient Remainder Balance
Automatic Small Balance Write-off
Remittance Tracking for Secondary Claims
Integrated Electronic Eligibility Checking
Missed Copay Tracking
Unprocessed Transactions (Holding Tank)
Aging View in Transaction Entry
UB-04 Paper and Print Image
Custom Dates on ERA Posting
Global Days
Billing for 8 Diagnosis Codes
Flexible Grids for Claim Generation
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Secure Online Statement Notification Delivery
Integrated Secure Online Statement Payment Processing
Integration with BillFlash from NexTrust (automates the printing and mailing of patient statements)
Customizable HL7 Interfaces with EHR

Set Default Data Fields
Customizable Tool Bar
Option to Display Subtotals
Customized Data Screens
Warn on Duplicate Patient
Auto Tab Entry
Streamlined Transaction Entry
Field Data Checking
Patient Flagging
Show Remainder When Applying Payments
Apply to Oldest When Applying Payments
Select Multiple Claims to Print or Reprint
Enter Payments Directly from Office Hours Pro
Sort Columns by Clicking on Column Heading
Access Patient Information on Insurance Screens
Manage Claims from Quick Ledger & Transaction Entry
Print Quick Receipt Directly from Office Hours Pro
One-click to Change Responsibility for Transactions
Streamlined Quick Ledger View
Statement Conversion Wizard
Rules-based Worklist for Daily Office Tasks
Copy, Edit, Add New Case Directly from Office Hours Pro
Incremental Back-up and Restore
TIFF image support within Multimedia
DVD install (reduces installation time)
Updated User Interface Implements New Colors, Icons, Window Controls, etc.
Claim Management Sorting Save
Edit/Enter Patient Notes from Quick Ledger
Customizable Transaction Sort on Patient Statements
Transaction Entry Sortable Grids
Default Printer Option for Custom Reports
Last Selected Chart Number Hot-key
Dashboard - Warnings
Dashboard - Logged-in users Utility
Scheduled File Maintenance
Multi-Practice Conversion
Patient Quick Entry
Audit Generator with Chart Number Filtering
Reschedule Status in Office Hours Professional
Customizable Tool Bar in Office Hours

Added Security for Medisoft Reports
Custom Report Designer
Enhanced Filtering Options
Facility Report
Quick Receipt and Quick Statement
Patient Collections Reports
Insurance Collections Reports
Unapplied Copayment Report
Facility Filter Added to Reports
Advanced Reporting Module-based on Crystal Reports
View and Print All Future Appointments for Patients
New Remainder Statement
Standard Crystal Reports
Export to Microsoft Excel
Standard Patient by Insurance Report
Standard Patient by Diagnosis Report


Reporting (Continued)
Standard Patient by Procedure Report
Case Billing Code Filter on Standard Reports

Global Days Report
Dashboard - Totals
Dashboard - Trending
Increased Dashboard Performance on Large Datasets
Medisoft Reports (formerly Focus Reports Standard) - Includes reports previously available in Medisoft plus more than 200 additional reports
File Maintenance Progress Reporting
Blank Appointment Indicator
Print Blank Superbills
Electronic Transaction Reporting (helps manage electronic transactions related to verifying insurance eligibility and submitting claims)
Audit Reports (tracks reporting and exporting of data)

Automatic Rebill for Claims
Insurance Groupings for Reporting and Analysis
Remittance Tracking for Secondary Claims
Integrated Electronic Eligibility Checking
Aging View in Transaction Entry
UB-04 Paper and Print Image
Custom Dates on ERA Posting
Revenue Management Claims Solution 
Customizable and Flexible Grid Entries for Insurance Carriers, Providers, Practice and Data Requirements
Eligibility Data Entry and Processing Logic
Ability to Define When the System Checks for Eligibility Updates
Enhanced Search Filters in Payor ID Lookup Window
Security Assignments Same for Insurance and Eligibility
Changes Made to Comply with the ANSI X12 Version 5010 Standards for the Transmission of Specific Healthcare Transactions
New Windows or Tabs: EDI Note Tab on Edit Claim Window; EDI Notes List Window; EDI Note Window
ANSI 5010 fields Added
UB-04 Condition Codes Moved to Main Lists Menu
Revenue Management electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing updates to comply with ANSI-5010
Updates to the RelayHealth Implementation Guide (IG)
New Remittance Delivery Method (RDM) Elements Added to Loop 1000B
New Coverage Expiration Date (DTM) element added to explain that coverage was denied because the patientís coverage has expired
New Claim Received Date Elements
Updates Made to the Claim Preview Report and Claim Details Report
Revenue Management Enhancements
Expanded List Entry through Office Hours Professional

Special Features
Customizable Tool Bar in Office Hours
Updated User Interface Implements new colors, icons, Window controls.
Office Messenger
Multimedia File Storage
Online Updates
Encoder Pro*
Integrates with Microsoft Excel
Interfaces with EMR packages*
Interfaces with Lab Systems*
Seamless Integration for e-Prescribing
Patient Archiving
Workflow Administrator
Data Collaboration
Standard Integrated Word Processor (Final Draft)
Standard Chart Number Change Utility
Integrated Dashboard
Data Export/Import
Included ePrescribing Licenses through RelayHealth (only available with
Advanced and Net Pro)
Improved Copy Data Utility
Multi-Workstation Patient Quick Entry
Future Appointment Warning
Phone Number Fields in Appointment Entry
Office Hours Professional now Included with Product (Registration occurs at the same time that Medisoft is registered)

5 Levels of Permissions and Security
Print Permissions Grid
Auto Log-off
Warn on Unapproved Codes
Unique Identifier Fields
Security Permissions on Reports
ANSI Standard Electronic Claims
HIPAA Security Ready
Rules-based Password Management
User Access History Reporting
Multi-level Trigger Management
Global Security
Security Added to MediUtil
Enhanced DVD Install or .iso Download

*additional fees may be incurred