Medisoft 16 New and Enhanced Features!

 Medisoft 16 is no longer available. Click here to learn about Medisoft 20.

New Flexible Grids for Claim Generation
Medisoft Version v16 introduces new user interface windows to better address different insurance filing requirements. This new layout gives you the flexibility to easily configure your setup to address various requirements when generating both print and electronic claims. The new implementation provides a flexible environment that you can quickly customize to reflect your claim processing needs by setting up different grid entries for insurance carriers, providers, your practice, or your data requirements (NPI, legacy, etc.) that you can apply and, if needed, quickly modify. These changes support creating as many custom scenarios that you need to successfully file claims. This new method streamlines and consolidates tabs on key windows such as the Insurance Carrier, Provider, and Referring Provider and moves labs and facilities from the Address tab to Facility tab. Also the Practice Information window features a new tab, Statement Pay-To, which is used for Bill Flash

The key element of this improvement is the implementation of Practice, Provider, Referring Provider, and Facility IDs grids. The settings and selections that you make on these grids, along with settings on the Insurance Carrier window, are used for claim generation. These settings are highly flexible, providing greater breadth and depth to address your particular office’s billing needs. The inherent flexibility in this implementation means that you can enter limitless scenarios for any combination of insurance companies, insurance categories, facilities, referring providers, providers, and your practice to address different carrier filing requirements.

Another important change for electronic claims involves the logic of group and individual filing moving from the EDI Receivers window to the Provider window. You now bundle claims by creating provider filing rules using the Group or Individual buttons on the Provider IDs grid instead of sending via a group EDI receiver or an individual EDI receiver; however, if a carrier requires further refinement, you can create/use multiple submitter IDs to separately batch by submitter ID.

New Electronic Claims, Eligibility Verification and ERA Processing

Medisoft v16 introduces new eligibility data entry and processing logic that gives you greater control and the ability to manage you Payers IDs (the enhanced payer ID management also applies to insurance payer IDs, not just those used for eligibility verification). The flexible implementation lets you define when you check for updates and gives you the ability to update a Payer ID, which reduces potential downtime and increases your ability to address eligibility verification issues.A key element of this change is enhanced system performance--eligibility does not automatically check for updates, avoiding kicking off an unintentional update cycle. Also when you installed Medisoft v16, the application included an initial payer ID data set which also avoided a longer delay between the time you install the software and the time you use it. And when you do check for updates, the new logic only pulls updated/changed information, saving you more time.

Adding to the performance enhancement is the new Payer ID lookup window which deploys enhanced search filters with the ability to add, edit, and delete a record (user-supplied Payer IDs) with no template editing required.
Payer IDs supplied by initial installation of Medisoft and subsequent updates are now labeled as System, which in turns provides a simple way to filter the Payer ID window. Payer IDs that you enter are labeled User which also provides a quick filter option. System supplied payer IDs are read only—you cannot edit or delete them. You can, however, edit and delete entries you create (user), and the new logic will deploy a user-defined payer ID before a system ID. The new logic does not allow duplication of user-supplied Payer IDs; however, you create a duplicate of a system supplied payer ID as a user-supplied ID, which means you can edit it on the fly and make timely
updates if needed. Medisoft v16 also streamlines eligibility security and access by making eligibility security assignments part of insurance—that means that the rights you assign (add, edit, delete) for insurance are the same for eligibility. With the new security addition, your settings/available records match the logged in user.
For more information on this feature, see Payer ID Lookup Window and Eligibility Verification Overview.

New Enhanced DVD Install for Medisoft
Medisoft v16 drastically improves the ease of installing Medisoft . The new, DVD-based installation contains all you need to install Medisoft v16 Client Server and Medisoft —all on one disc. Using the new type of media reduces the amount of application discs since Medisoft v16 and Medisoft are on the same disc and reduces the installation time and your involvement by deploying greater automation in the setup of Medisoft. The number of screens that need user intervention (select a path, directory, file, etc.) is greatly reduced. The new installation was re-engineered to enhance the flow and ease for installing Medisoft v16 Client Server, the Medisoft server and database, and the Medisoft client. The standard Medisoft v16 installation was also re-engineered. Though this install is still CD-based, the new installation improves the install process and provides a more robust platform for future enhancements.

New Interface
Medisoft v16 introduces a completely new and updated look. The user interface retains the logic,structure, and order of previous releases, but implements new colors, icons, window controls, etc. to enhance the user experience. The new design, influenced by the user interface changes that Microsoft introduced with Office 11, uses new icons on the toolbar and menu commands. The updated colors along with the new image and sizing of icons provide improved navigation and movement through the user interface. Importantly, none of the keyboard hotkey shortcuts (for instance in the Transaction Entry window press F2 to open the Multilink window) changed or the location of functions.
NOTE: the shortcuts available from the menu in Office Hours have changed. To access a window from the menu, click the ALT key and click the underlined letter in the menu title, for instance clicking ALT + F would display the File menu. To select an option from a displayed menu, press the underlined key, for instance press O to display the Open Practice window.

Streamlined Security for Medisoft Reports
Medisoft Reports and Medisoft Reports Professional now use the standard Medisoft security model. You
do not need to create or maintain users specific to the reports feature only (Medisoft Reports user); the
application uses your existing or newly created Medisoft users instead. You can now assign and limit
access to the Medisoft reports engine and specific reports (Advanced and Network Professional) using
the new Medisoft Reports Permissions window (click File and select Reports Permission) based on user
level. For more information, see the topic Medisoft Reports Permissions Window.
NOTE: Permissions for most statements and other reports using the .MRE format, however, are set in the
Medisoft Security Permissions window.