ALERT: Medisoft v15 Service Pack 1 Fixes - Released June 24, 2009
This service pack offers many new corrections, improvements, and enhancements to help you manage your practice.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Removed Inactive Providers from the Appointment Grid in Office Hours Professional
    This workflow enhancement increases your appointment entry speed and accuracy by warning you if an inactive provider is selected and not even displaying an inactive provider on the Appointment grid. This workflow enhancement means that when in day view (View, Day View), if you select an inactive provider from the Provider drop-down list on the Toolbar and click an appointment time, a message will appear that notes that the provider you selected is inactive. Also, in multi view (View, Multi View) the inactive provider does not even appear on the Appointment grid.
  • Correction: Modified Patient Quick Entry to Use F8 and F9 Keys
    Modified the Patient Quick Entry window to use the F8 (opens a window to create a new record) and F9 (opens a window to edit the selected record) shortcut keys for the Case: Guarantor and Case: Insured 1 field.
  • Correction: Modified Patient Quick Entry Feature to Utilize Custom Combo Boxes
    Modified the Patient Quick Entry feature to utilize custom combo boxes (drop-down list), created in Custom Patient Designer or Custom Case Designer. This support includes adding a custom combo box to a template and even selecting the initial default, and then when creating or editing patients in the Patient Quick Entry window, the ability to use and select various values from the combo box.
  • Correction: Advantage Database Connection
    Modified the Medisoft Grant Permission utility to address an Advantage automatic database connection issue. This situation would sometimes occur when the database tried to automatically connect to the MWPWD table and led to a 7074 error.
  • Enhancement: Added Windows 2008 Server Support
    This release includes support for Windows Server 2008 for the Medisoft Network Professional server platform.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Custom Grid Settings are Preserved When Upgrading
    All the custom grid settings you have set in various windows are now preserved when upgrading. You will not need to re-customize the Transaction Entry window, for instance, after you install Medisoft 15 SP1. This workflow enhancement includes elements such as rearranged or stretched grid columns, modified column names, fields added to a grid, fields removed from a grid, etc.
  • Correction: Office Hours Appointment Information Display
    In a few instances, some users had noticed that after editing a patient appointment in Office Hours, the Appointment display would show information for a different appointment. Corrected this situation.
  • Correction: Report Designer Band Height Calculation Routine
    Modified the Report Designer to address fields moving off reports bands when the band height was adjusted and fields in the band were added or moved. Also changed an internal screen calculation routine used on the Band Height list on the Report Properties, Bands tab to correct the situation.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Added Automatic Capitalization for State Abbreviations to Patient Quick Entry Window
    The Patient Quick Entry feature now automatically capitalizes state abbreviations after you enter lowercase abbreviations in the Patient: State field on the Patient Quick Entry window and press the TAB key or select another field.
  • Reporting Enhancement: Four Reports Now Include Practice Totals
    Increased the report generation speed for four reports. The reports are Patient Day Sheet (with Practice Totals), Payment Day Sheet (with Practice Totals), Procedure Day Sheet (with Practice Totals), and Practice Analysis (with Practice Totals). NOTE: the Medisoft Reports window feature is for Medisoft Advanced and Network Professional
  • Workflow Enhancement: Customize Deposit Detail Grid
    Added grid customization to the Deposit Detail window (Activities, Enter Deposits/Payments, Deposit List Window, Detail button). On the window, click the black dot button in the upper lefthand corner of the grid (􀁺). On the Grid Columns window add fields, remove fields, change column display order, change caption, or change column width.
  • Workflow Enhancement: The Appearance of Search Window Labels Stays Constant
    Modified the labels in the Search window, used along with the Data Selection Questions window to generate reports, to not appear dimmed when the Show all values check box is selected.
  • F10 Keyboard Shortcut Displays the Eligibility Verification Results Window Even When Eligibility is not Enabled
    Correction: Modified the F10 keyboard shortcut to only launch the Eligibility Verification Results window when Eligibility is enabled. Also modified the menu options available on Activities, Eligibility Verification to update (available or dimmed depending on if the practice uses eligibility) when a backup is restored.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Added F8 and F9 Support to Office Hours Professional for Patient Quick Entry
    You can now use the F8 (opens a window to create a new record) and F9 (opens a window to edit the selected record) shortcut keys. When creating a new patient using the feature, you can also use F8 and F9 to add or edit a record such as an insurance carrier while adding or updating the patient.
  • Correction: Patient Statement Generation
    Modified the patient statement generation process to increase statement generation speed.Some users had noticed that in some cases the statement printing process would not finish, while a few others encountered a stream read error that halted statement generation. The new routine corrects these issues.
  • Correction: Changed Data Handling in the Unprocessed Transactions Window
    Modified the Unprocessed Transactions data handling to provide greater flexibility when importing data from an EMR. Some users had encountered a Patient/Case combination does not exist error message or a data lock message when modifying an imported transaction in the Unprocessed Transaction window. The new logic corrects this issue.
  • Correction: Appointment List Report and Print Blank Appointments Modifications
    Corrected several issues with the Appointment List report that centered on the report not displaying available appointments depending on selected filters, double booked appointments, and program option changes.
    The report was not including providers’ open appointments in the report included in a series of providers—for instance, if three providers were selected in the filter criteria, only the first and last were included in the report.
    The report was also duplicating double booked appointments on the report—for instance, if an appointment time slot was double booked, the first entered appointment would appear twice on the report. Double-booking providers’ first and last appointment, also removed providers’ open appointments in the middle of a series. Double and triple booking appointments with multiple providers and then changing the default appointment length interval, also stopped the report from previewing. Changing the appointment interval from the default setting also caused the report to not include all available appointments. Also, printing blank appointments for multiple providers would cause the second provider page to start printing at the first scheduled appointment, not at the start of the day.
  • Correction: Modified Searching, Sorting, and Clearing a Filter List Behavior
    Modified the application code to address a 7200 error that sometimes occurred after searching and sorting a list window and then clearing filter data with the Backspace key. Also addressed a condition that occurred before the 7200 error in which the Search for box appeared unavailable (dimmed) after sorting the grid.
  • Correction: Edit Appointment Window Case List Showing Other Patient Cases
    Modified the Edit Appointment window to address a situation in which the case field lists cases other than the currently selected patient. This situation occurred after creating a new appointment and creating a new case and then immediately returning to the appointment and using the Case magnifying glass lookup and then using the Case field drop-down list to view cases.
  • Correction: Medisoft CD Installation CD Installed the Wrong Version of Medisoft Basic Demo
  • Correction: Week and Month View Appointment Scheduling
    Modified the application to address a date selection issue in week or month view. When in week or month view and creating a new appointment, the Date Field on the New Appointment Entry window would display the date of the first column displayed on the Appointment grid instead of the date of the appointment.
  • Correction: Database Table Access Rights
    Modified the database creation rights and logic to address a database table access rights error. After creating a new practice when users tried to use ARC32 to access Medisoft data tables, they encountered a Browse Table Error 7079 message and were not able to view the data tables.
  • Correction: New Referring Provider Records Are Associated with Provider Records in the Patient Quick Entry
    Modified the Patient Quick Entry feature to correct new referring providers appearing on the provider list. When using the Patient Quick Entry feature and adding a new referring provider from the Patient Quick Entry Window, this record was associated with the provider list. Users could not select the referring provider from the list but could select the record from the provider list. The modification corrects this situation.
  • Correction: Entry Number Update Process in the Database
    Modified the data link between a temporarily assigned entry number and its permanent number. The permanent entry number was not fully replacing the temporary number in a certain scenario in the database. In this case, if the Entry Number column was added to the Transaction Entry grid, followed by new charges and an applied payment before saving, you could not re-edit the payment to reapply it to different/multiple charges when you saved the record. The database was using the old data link methodology. The new link corrects this situation.
  • Correction: Eligibility Data Entry Integrity
    Modified the logic and event handling for the EDI/Eligibility tab on the Insurance Carrier window and the Eligibility tab on the Provider window to address data entry inconsistencies. In some cases when the Eligibility Verification check box on the Provider window, Eligibility tab had been selected and the provider record was saved, the setting was reverting to an unselected state if the user returned to the window and did not reselect the Eligibility tab. Also in some cases when a payer was selected in Associated Payer field on the Insurance Carrier window, EDI/Eligibility tab and the insurance carrier record had been saved, the selection was not actually saved when the record was reopened and the EDI/Eligibility tab was not reselected.

Hot Fix - Included in Medisoft v15 Service Pack 1 - Released March 31, 2009
Great news! The hot fix for Medisoft v15 that resolves known issues in the transaction entry portion of the product is now available. The hot fix enjoyed a smooth beta process, enabling us to release ahead of the scheduled April 2 general availability date.

Specifically, the hot fix resolves these issues:

  • Using the down arrow to add transaction lines produces an entry number of zero
  • The enter key/down arrow when used in combination with the sort functionality within a transaction produces   transactions that appear to disappear (although they actually save to the database)
  • Multiple blank transactions are being created
  • The document number is not auto populating
  • Using serialized superbill is not refreshing after save
  • Entering new document number is not refreshing correctly