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Medisoft Version 14 Service Pack 1

 The following is a list of issues that were corrected in Medisoft Version 14 Service Pack 1.  The number at the end of each item is the Test Director (or bug tracking number) for each item included. 

Billing and Collections 

  • The link to ERA Direct from the Tools menu has been corrected to recognize registration.  13185
  • NPI Only feature added to Insurance Carriers to prevent PIN numbers and qualifiers from sending on claims (paper and electronic) to specific insurance carriers.  13183, 13067, 12746
  • Legacy Insured Relationship fields will populate when the new field is changed.  13172
  • You can now edit a patient from Transaction Entry if no case is created for that patient.  13166
  • Claim formats and Print Image formats were updated to pull from the new Insured Relationship Code fields.  13160
  • Date Created in deposit list is no longer blank when a payment is entered from Transaction Entry.  13128
  • UB – 04 paper claims will now only print claim totals on the last page of multi-page claims. 13084
  • Printing claims from Transaction Entry is now possible using custom formats.  13046
  • Facility NPI field on UB-04 claims   (Box 56) has been corrected for Facility NPI use.  12718
  • Line 23 on UB-04 claims is no longer missing required data.  12659
  • UB Claims have been fixed for Revenue Code grouping.  12647, 12648
  • The estimated balance on Standard Statements is no longer doubling.  12211
  • Splitting claims will no longer remove purchased service information from the newly created claim.  11915
  • Medisoft will now handle NDC Code billing.  10938
  • Printed claims no longer run multi word city names together.  10114
  • Hovering over the Insurance Carrier tabs within Transaction Entry will now display the full Insurance Carrier Name.  9457
  • Group items now show in report totals on the UB-04 claim forms.  13129
  • Insurance Carriers can now have differing default billing methods for primary, secondary, and tertiary claims. 13475
  • CMSFILE no longer prints facilities when no facility is assigned.  13301
  • Missed copay amounts no longer double when payments are deleted.  13294
  • Tab Button not moving through fields properly in Transaction Entry after a search has been corrected.  13284
  • The Collection List no longer shows the incorrect chart number for insured and guarantors. 13048


  • Production by Provider report is no longer showing duplicated totals.  13110
  • Attending Provider Filter on Patient List by Diagnosis report has been corrected.  13047
  • The Activity Summary reports now report the Percent of AR Totals correctly.  13042
  • Patient Remainder Aging report will now be available in Medisoft Advanced.  12992
  • Custom aging buckets will now work properly if the first bucket does not start at 0 days.  You can start the aging at 30 days for example, and items that have not reached that aging bucket will be excluded from the Aging Reports.  12979
  • The print Transaction/case Number.Insurance Carrier #1 field in the Report Designer will now work properly.  12199
  • The Policy 2 column on the Billing and Payment Status Report has been moved so that it is not hidden under the Policy 1 column.  11816
  • The referring provider report has been corrected to not include 0 balance cases that fall outside the date range.  12075
  • Error “TBLCASE: Field ‘CLIA Number’ not found” when using the Report Designer has been corrected.  11609
  • Billing/Payment Status Report now shows Patient Middle Initial.  11542
  • Changing the default printer when printing reports will now save that change when printing the next report.  11523
  • Report date ranges will now accept blank values.  Additionally, the second (To) values sort in descending order.  11056
  • Provider List reports in the report designer will no longer have access to the PIN table.  There is not a mechanism to determine which PIN number to use. 10894
  • NDC Drug Code fields now available in report designer.  13067
  • Policy # 1 field now populating correctly when added to custom reports.  13505
  • Crossover claims no longer appear on Secondary Aging Reports until after the primary carrier has paid and has been marked complete.  13447

Patient Quick Entry

  • Patient Quick Entry has been updated so that the delete key will clear out drop down menus.  13035
  • Transaction Entry will now bring Chart and Case numbers from Patient Quick Entry if Quick Entry is launched from Transaction Entry.  13032, 13020
  • Nature of Accident field in Patient Quick Entry is now a drop down field.  13001
  • Error “Cannot Focus on a Disabled or Invisible Window” errors in Patient Quick Entry have been corrected.  12954
  • Relationship Codes 1, 2, and 3 will allow for removal of default values when using Patient Quick Entry.  12969

Office Hours/Office Hours Pro 

  • Appointment Phone Number changes will now affect future appointments. 
  • Error “System cannot find the file specified” when accessing eligibility in Office Hours Pro stand alone has been corrected.  13016
  • Notes will now appear on appointments in the resource columns within Office Hours Professional.  11898
  • When creating a new Reason code within Office Hours Professional, the Date Created date will now create properly.  12045
  • Error “Query: Field ‘Type’ not found” when editing a template in office hours has been corrected.  11619
  • You can now exit Office Hours Pro from the login screen without freezing the program.  11713
  • Creating a patient from within the appointment in Office Hours Pro now displays the correct patient next to the chart number field after save.  13459
  • Creating a new appointment without a case but with a patient no longer defaults the case field to the first case in the case list.  13473
  • Office Hours Pro now allows for cases to be edited from the Appointment Entry screen.  13427


  • Global Convert was resulting in errors between practices.  This has been corrected.  13126
  • Final Draft no longer shows beta expiration.  13119, 13118
  • Repair Practice utility will now bind a larger number of tables back to the data dictionary.  13087
  • The Backup Routine will now differentiate between root backups and data backups.  Users will not be able to restore one into the other.  13052
  • Error 5159 when cancelling File Maintenance has been corrected.  13017
  • Invalid Floating Point Errors when running Repair Payment Reference Utility has been corrected.  12252
  • Power Tools now changes Final Draft documents to match the new chart.  11375
  • Error “List Index out of Bounds” when archiving has been corrected.  10846
  • Task Scheduler now has minimize, maximize, and close buttons in the upper right corner.  10075

 List Entry

  • When no procedure codes are entered into the database, the error “Cannot focus on disabled or invisible window” had previously occurred.  This has been corrected.  13164
  • Multi-media items were saved regardless of whether they were updated or not.  This has been changed, and the save routine will only occur if something changes.  13155
  • The reappearing qualifiers in the PINS table have been corrected.  You can now delete modifiers for blank PIN numbers, and they will not reappear.  13031
  • When adding a new Supervising Provider from the case, it would not be available in the drop down list and would also show the word INACTIVE with Medisoft 14.  This has been corrected.  13029
  • You will now have the ability to delete Procedure Code/Modifier combination from the Allowed Amounts table.  12555
  • The copy case feature will now work with the Policy Holder 3 field.  12123
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Contact List.  10549
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the MultiLink List.  10547
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Insurance Class List.  10548
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the EDI Receiver List.  10546
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Address List.  10545
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Claim Rejection Message List.  10542
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Provider Class List.  10544
  • Hide Inactive feature has been added to the Patient Payment Plan List.  10541
  • Copy Case is now properly copying UB data.  13740
  • PINs tab of Insurance Carrier no longer populates the qualifiers when they have been deleted.  Initial save will still auto populate.  13443
  • EDI Payor ID information now saves properly in the Insurance Carrier setup screen.  13370
  • Supervising Providers can now be created from within the Case screen.  13368
  • Custom Patient and Custom Case data now prints properly on custom reports such as claims and statements.  13314
  • Custom Patient Data tabs now show up when editing a patient or case from Transaction Entry.  13343

Administrative Dashboard 

  • Adjustment Total, Production Totals, and Withhold Totals have been added to the Dashboard (initially left out).  13117

Claims Manager 

  • CMIX12 Error: Cannot Create File when accessing Claims Manager has been corrected.  12589
  • Claims manager will now properly enter the Submitter ID and password into the EDI receiver.  11824
  • Claims Manager enrollment routines have been updated to require the user to enter a 9 digit Tax ID number without hyphens prior to submitting an enrollment.  13142
  • The Claims Manager User ID and Password have been added to the Program Options screen.  13123
  • Claims Manager customers who upgrade to v14 have status listed as Not Enrolled.  This has been corrected  13066

Eligibility Verification 

  • Eligibility Scheduled Task has been corrected.  13593
  • BCBS of Massachusetts eligibility has been corrected.  13603
  • Eligibility no longer fails with the error “Transaction Failed with error while Parsing EDI 271 response message”.  13293

Communication Manager

  • Communication manager will now post transactions in the order in which they are received from the EMR.  11393
  • Transactions coming into the Unprocessed Transactions screen will now have a 0 in the case number field if no case exists rather than the -1 that previously displayed.  11772.
  • The Communication Manager will now send the Location field to Medinotes.  12038
  • Online Enrollment for Claims Manager now works for new practices.  12072
  • Service Enrollment for Claims Manager now accepts 9 digit zip codes. 12670
  • When customer enrolls for claims manager the program now shows accurate enrollment status.  12700
  • Relay Health Consumer demographic link included in Communication Manager.  13354
  • When Patient Quick Entry is used in Office Hours Professional, the Communication Manager will now send the patient and case changes.  13300

Backup Changes 

  • Task Manager backup was not previously creating a valid backup file, this has been corrected.  13260
  • Access Violations when backups are run on datasets with too many files in the data directory have been corrected.  13236
  • Backups from Global Convert are now placed into the Conversion Backups folder within the root data directory.  13240

Work Administrator 

  • Error 7200 was occurring when setting a work task to repeat status.  This has been corrected.  13049
  • Changing the Associated Area in Rules List of Work Administrator will now clear the field values if they have previously been entered. 7027


  • MWDIA and MWPRO again editable using the USER and PASSWORD login to ARC32.
  • Medisoft Basic no longer has access to grid modifications on any screens.  (Previously inconsistent).  13385
  • Conversion now handles Billing Service practice information properly.  13395
  • Changing the age by option on the aging tab of Program Options no longer produces the error “Dataset not in edit mode”.  13348
  • The copyright has been updated to reflect McKesson instead of NDCHealth or Per-Se Technologies.  13012
  • Advanced Demo installation now installs the Tutorial Data.  3092
  • The Audit Generator no longer causes registration information to be deleted.  13313
  • Date Modified column in Login/Password Management will now populate correctly.  11848
  • Medisoft and Office Hours Pro now function normally when no web connection is present.  (Slowdown corrected).  13259