Project Green Earth - Environmental Commitment Statement

In our aspiration to become the best medical software consulting company, Easy Business Software will uphold its position by promoting excellence in environment, health, and safety (EHS) performance. Through management leadership and staff participation, Easy Business Software will:

  • Create a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace.

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations, and conform to the Company’s EHS requirements.

  • Integrate EHS considerations into business planning, decision making and daily activities.

  • Prevent pollution through source reduction, elimination, recycling, and incorporating conservation methods to protect our natural resources.

  • Conscientiously manage emissions and waste.

  • Establish appropriate targets and objectives to improve our impact on the environment.

  • Enhance our EHS performance through audits and management review.

  • Proactively partner with regulators and anticipate changes in regulations, standards and public expectations.

EHS is a shared responsibility, and all staff members are responsible and accountable for our performance. All staff are expected to understand and comply with Easy Business Software’s commitment to EHS and are encouraged to actively participate in its continuous improvement.